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Deliver and/or install (hand rake) your choice of mulch and depth preference (ranges from 1” to 4”) to allow for the desired curb appeal.

Pricing starts at $75 per yard.


Aeration and seeding in the fall season are an absolute must to maintain a perfect lawn. We will recommend additional grass seed, lime, and fertilizer as needed.

Aeration pricing is based on lot size and starts at $75.


Aerate/ Seeding

Weekly mowing service options include straight edging, weed-eating, and blowing off all hardscapes upon every visit. 


Weekly prices start at $40 and increase based on the size and complexity of the yard.



Offering complete landscaping at the finest level, including removal, plant installation, shrub, and tree trimming, edging, rock and mulch installation, and more.

Custom pricing is provided by a  professional expert upon request.

Landscape Design & Installation


For the lawn that simply needs to start over, we will usually kill the existing growth; bring in new soil and soil amendments; install seed, lime, fertilizer, and straw.


Custom pricing is available upon request.

Sod Installation

Offering premium leaf removal service from Mid-October until Mid-February.




Pricing starts at $100.

Leaf Removal


Maintain overgrowth of all plants and shrubs with our trimming service, including clean up and disposal of all trimmings and remnants.



Pricing is offered upon request or as part of the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan.

Shrub Trimming

Both seasoned and green hardwood firewood is available seasonally for delivery. We only sell hardwood from three main hardwood trees - red oak, white oak, and hickory trees. 

Pricing starts at $75 for 1/4 cord; $130 for 1/2 cord; and $250 for a full cord.


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